Make sure that you are following all of the driving laws in Texas!

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Strange driving laws in Texas you have not heard about

Driving is such a fun experience! You get to go to and from your favorite destination and see your favorite people! However, do you know all of the driving laws in Texas? Keep reading as we talk about the strange driving laws in Texas you have not heard about. We promise some of these will not disappoint!

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Eight strange driving laws in Texas

  1. It is illegal to drive without windshield wipers, but having a windshield is up to you.

If this one has you scratching your head, you are not alone! We might recommend that you have all the parts of a vehicle, not just the windshield wipers.

  1. If anything is protruding from the bumper of your vehicle, it must be attached with a chain.

We thought that was what trailer hitches were for? Isn’t it bad if there are items protruding from your bumper? If you figure this one out, let us know!

  1. You cannot have any open containers in your vehicle.

But we were hungry!

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  1. It is illegal to make a U-turn in Richardson.

Did you miss your destination? Better luck next time!

  1. If you are going to go for a night horseback riding adventure, you need taillights on your horse to do so.

Is there a way to upgrade my current horse to an electric one to make this possible?

  1. Every time you get out of your vehicle in Fort Worth, you must set your parking brake.

Better to be safe than sorry!

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  1. In Galveston, you cannot drive down Broadway before noon on Sundays.

Not sure if this is because of what you might see, or if this is to give everyone the chance to get home. Either way, avoid this street!

  1. You cannot be within an arm’s length of someone that has alcohol in their bloodstream while driving a vehicle in Lubbock.

Although you were doing the responsible thing by being the designated driver, make sure that everyone that has been drinking sits in the back seat!

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Make sure that you are following all of the driving laws in Texas! - Charlie Clark Brownsville Spanish

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