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Where can I buy steaks and seafood for New Year’s Eve in Brownsville, TX? 

Hopefully, your holiday season is going as smoothly as possible. Have you already made plans for New Year’s Eve? Are you going out or will you be staying in? If you’re planning on doing the latter, you might be wondering, ‘Where can I buy steaks and seafood for New Year’s Eve in Brownsville, TX?’ Texas and steaks go hand in hand, however, Brownsville also sits on the Gulf of Mexico which means we have easy access to world class seafood. A few people working in the Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville showroom have been discussing where they’ll be doing their shopping for their last meal of the decade. Hopefully, one of these places will have what you’re looking for. 

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Best Meat Markets near Brownsville

Border Meats Market & Wholesale

240 W. St. Francis St.
Brownsville, TX
Google Rating: 4.8/5 Stars

Charlie’s Meat Market

4414 Boca Chica Blvd.
Brownsville, TX
Google Rating: 4.4/5 Stars

Villafranca Meat Market No. 1

1934 Southmost Blvd.
Brownsville, TX
Google Rating: 4.6/5 Stars

Rancho Meat Market

314 E. Queen Isabella Hwy.
Port Isabel, TX
Google Rating: 4.6/5 Stars

Best Seafood Markets in Brownsville

Gulf Quality Seafood

6955 Boca Chica Blvd.
Brownsville, TX
Google Rating: 4.4/5 Stars

Fish King Seafood Market

5210 S. Padre Island Hwy.
Brownsville, TX
Google Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Gulf Seafood Market

207 E. Maxan St.
Port Isabel, TX
Google Rating: 4.6/5 Stars

Tips for cooking seafood at home

If your plans for cooking New Year’s Eve dinner at home include a surf and turf menu, you might benefit from these tips for cooking seafood. Our team did a little research to make sure you and your guests have the best food to closeout 2019.

Fresh is best — Buying fish or other seafood should have a mild scent. Anything that has an overpowering smell isn’t fresh and might not turn out great.

Pull the pin — Pin bones are found in a lot of fish species along the thickest part of the fillet. They are very small and can be incredibly difficult to pull out by yourself. Most seafood shops will do this for free for you if you ask.

Time is the enemy — Fish and seafood can go from fresh to not fresh very quickly. Experts suggest putting your items in a sealable bag and storing them in a bowl of ice. This will keep things as fresh as possible for as long as possible and the bowl will catch melting ice.

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We’re here to help you plan your last meal of the decade - Charlie Clark Brownsville Spanish

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