The 2020 Nissan Maxima Provides Six Safety Features to Drive With Confidence

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2020 Nissan Maxima Safety Technologies

Equipped with a high-tech powerhouse engine and the most advanced safety technologies, 2020 Nissan Maxima has the best of both worlds. If you are looking for a car that not only delivers a premium drive, but it also provides the confidence you need to take the road, look no further. Continue reading to learn about the 2020 Nissan Maxima safety technologies.


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Safety Shield® 360

2020 Maxima comes equipped with Safety Shield® 360, a set of six driver-assist features that sense what’s around your car and can step in as backup every time something unexpected happens. Nissan Safety Shield 360® is available in all five trim levels of the model. Let’s take a closer look at each technology and what it has to offer.

Automatic Emergency Braking With Pedestrian Detection

This system monitors your speed and the distance between you and the car ahead, alerting you if you need to slow down or take any corrective action. In case the driver’s response is not enough, the system automatically engages the brakes to help avoid a frontal collision or reduce the severity of the impact. When it detects a pedestrian in the crosswalk, it can also stop the car or slow it down.

Rear Automatic Braking

The system alerts you if it detects any items behind the car while you are backing up. In addition, it can automatically apply emergency braking to help avoid a potential collision or lessen the impact.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When backing out of spaces with reduced visibility, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert will warn you if it senses any traffic approching the rear of your Maxima. The alert is active once the vehicle is shifted into reverse.

Blind Spot Warning

This system keeps an eye on the problematic blind spot area, using sensors alongside the car to detect any approaching vehicles that you cannot see and giving you warnings to avoid a collision.

Lane Departure Warning

The intelligent lane intervention system will help you stay between the lines. This technology recognizes lane markings on the center and sides of the road and warns the driver if it detects that the car is drifting. It can also engage the brakes to help carefully guide you back.

High Beam Assist

This is a helpful feature to make night driving less stressful. The High Beam Assist automatically switches the headlights to low-beam if it detects any car approaching on the other side of the road, and it turns the high beams back on when you need them.

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Now that you know all the safety technologies the 2020 Maxima has to offer, check out our inventory at Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville and find the trim level that fits your style and needs.

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