Enjoy the Comfort of the NASA-Inspired Nissan Seats

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What Are the Nissan Zero Gravity Seats?

Do you ever get tired after sitting in the car for long periods of time? Don’t worry, you are not alone. To reduce muscle fatigue, the human body naturally slumps, which increases spinal bending and puts pressure on the lower back, resulting in more tiredness. To end this vicious cycle, Nissan developed Zero Gravity Seats, a patented seating structure designed to maximize comfort while reducing fatigue. But what are the Nissan Zero Gravity Seats, exactly? And how do they work? Scroll down to find it out.


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Why Zero Gravity?

These seats take their name from the neutral position our spines take in zero gravity. In space, our bodies assume a relaxed posture that minimizes stress on our bones and joints, and reduces fatigue. Nissan engineers used these findings to design entirely new seats and optimize the comfort of passengers.

How do Zero Gravity Seats Work?

While the Zero Gravity seats were not designed by NASA, they were inspired by zero-gravity space travel. Developed along with Yamazaki Laboratory at Keio University, these seats were designed using a seat simulator and a muscular-skeletal model.

The Zero Gravity Seats’ unique shape provides continuous support that extends from your hips to your shoulders. They are built with 14 different pressure points that support your spine and put it in a neutral position. By maintaining this neutral posture, drivers and front passengers experience improved blood flow and reduced muscle loading. Overall, this translates into less fatigue on the road and optimized comfort whether on short commutes or long road trips.


What Nissan models have Zero Gravity seats available?

Nissan offers Zero Gravity Seats for both the driver and the front passenger in multiple vehicles across its lineup. This technology was first offered on the 2013 Altima, and now it is also available on the MaximaKicksRogueMuranoTitan, and Titan XD.

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If you would like to learn more about these unique seats, we recommend taking one of the equipped vehicles for a test drive so you can experience the difference for yourself. You can browse through our online inventory to find the model you are more interested in and schedule an appointment to take it out for a ride. To find out more about the Zero Gravity Seats, contact us at Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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