Step-By-Step Guide To Fix Car Scratches

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How to Remove A Scratch On Your Car

Even if you take good care of your vehicle, finding a scratch at some point is almost unavoidable. When that happens, the driver’s biggest concern is the expense of the repair. Well, we have good news! The truth is with the right tools you can repair even deep gouges by yourself, avoiding costly trips to the body shop. Check out our article below for a simple guide on how to remove a scratch on your car.


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1. Wash And Mask The Damaged Area

Wash the damaged area with water and soap, making sure it is completely clean and dried before you start. Then cover the repair area with the help of masking tape and polymer, to avoid spraying over the undamaged parts.

2. Sand The Paint Scratch

Now it’s time to determine the real depth of the scratch. If you are lucky enough, the damage will only affect the clear coat. If the scratch gets deeper, it probably has extended into the primer or even the bare metal. Use 400-grit sandpaper to smooth the surface. Always remember to sand in the direction of the scratch to prevent more scratches from happening.

3. Apply Paint Primer

Use primer over the damaged area to help the paint adhere more strongly to the car’s body and prevent rust. After the layer has dried, use 600-grit sandpaper to polish the surface.

4. Cover Up With Color Paint

Apply the color coat over the scratches either using a spray or a fine paintbrush. Apply two or three coats, allowing the recommended wait time between each coat. matches the vehicle’s factory color by checking the manufacturer’s paint code.

5. Apply A Clean Coat

When the color coat has completely dried, apply the clear coat in thin layers to gain the desired smoothness, so it sits just above the surrounding paint. Again, allow between 10 and 30 minutes between layers depending on temperature.

6. Smooth The Area

Even the area to obtain a flat result with 2500-grit sandpaper. Then use a microfiber cloth to remove the excess of dust. You can also use a polish compound, rubbing it in circular moves with a pad so that the affected area matches the rest of the car.

7. Wax For Ultimate Results

Add a coat of wax to the surface to achieve a shiny and mirror-like finish. This step will not only highlight the results, but it will also prevent the car’s paint from fading, discoloring or oxidizing.

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Although scratches can be removed from the comfort of your home, other issues might come up that will need the expertise of a mechanic. At Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville we are committed to solving your vehicle’s problems. If you live around Brownsville, TX and are looking to keep your car in the best condition possible, schedule an appointment with our service center and let us take care of your car!


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